Canadian singer/songwriter, Syd Carter West, is a multi-dimensional artist who is fierce and unapologetic with who she is - a student of life. 
Syd's inspiration comes from performers like Ella Fitzgerald, Amanda Marshall, Melissa Etheridge and Kelly Clarkson. 
As a young woman her musical heroes ran the gamut from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Eminem and Mezzo Soprano Elina Garanča. Syd draws from her past experience as a professional visual artist, poet, makeup artist and photographer, contributing to her deep belief that music and art centres on how it touches the listener and connects with their personal experience. 
When you listen to Syd's music, you hear a vocal range that is truly awe inspiring, with an underlying warmth and haunting soulful tone. Syd's formal musical training started at the age of eight in Classical and Operatic music, completing her advanced theory by the age of sixteen. Syd has been writing lyrics and melodies since the age of nine, and over time, had become very grateful in learning the power of collaboration with other artists and songwriters. 
Syd's live performances are highly energetic, with a commitment giving 150% of herself to demonstrate her respect and love for her audience. Syd has a mad sense of passion for living with expression, inclusion for all and embracing a deep sense of compassion for those without a voice. 
Syd resides in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. 

ORIGIN: Vancouver, BC Canada 

GENRE: Southern Rock - Americana

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